Light SHR™

The Vitually Painless Solution for Hair Removal.

Light SHR DPL machine combines good traits of IPL and Radio Frequency, warms up strong pulse, takes bipolar RF to strengthen acting on deep tissue, uses skin can selectively inhale light energy, to induce different impedance between target texture and normal skin. Under the circumstance of low light energy, it strengthens target texture to inhail radio frequency, greatly eliminate side effect like bleb, pigmentation caused by heat action of light energy filtering.OPT SHR IPL machine can penetrate skin deep, selectively act on hypodermal pigment, blood vessel, dissolve freckle, close abnormal vein, solve skins all kinds of flaws. Simultaneously, OPT SHR IPL machine can stimulator hypodermal collagen rebirth, make skin youth, health and smooth.

  • No pain, No downtime
  • 100% Safe and Comfortable
  • In Motion technology, swift operation
  • With Client data management and printing system
  • Britain Lamp has at least 300000/shots
  • Strong Semiconductor cooling
  • 10 hours non-stop working


Complete Solution for Hair Removal and Skin Enhancement

Light SHR isn’t simply looking good— it’s better inside. More powerful, but remarkably safe and comfortable.

  • With Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) that eliminates surplus energy, it allows better cooling between pulses. The sensation of pain is greatly reduced and the result is much better.
  • It’s one stable form where light and cooling system function in perfect unison, creating a brand new experience of IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation that’s better by any measure.

Indications For Use

  • Wrinkle removal, facelift, skin lift.
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Dispel deep freckle, epidermis freckle, whiten skin, dispel thread vein.
  • Acne skin therapy

Before & After

eLight Trio™ SHR RF ND Yag laser


How Does It Work

Safe and Effective for All.


OPT SHR IPL machine
OPT SHR IPL machine

How ChillTip™ Works

Exciting Treatment Speed & Comfort

Safe and Effective for All.

It is the new generation of beauty treatment machine that combined two major function of transmission of electromagnetic waves and pulse-light. It is different from laser and other light treatment, as it’s cardinal work is the use of pulse-light of multi-wavelength and transmission of electromagnetic waves absorbed by pathological tissues, then converted the electromagnetic energy into light and heat energy, and stimulates the activation of collagen mother cells to make the skin rearrange, collagen albumen reproduce and the grain of skin rebuild. At the same time it can improve the bulky pore, so as to reach the effect of tightening skin from inner to exterior, improving not only the equality color of skin, but also your skin rejuvenation.

How Will Your Patients Benefit?

Compared to normal IPL machines, SHR is much more professional:

  • 1. SHR machine is with Single pulse mode can emit energy averagely, however, IPL machines are with multi-pulse mode which focus energy on first pulse, which is very easy to burn patients.
  • 2. SHR filtered violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb water from target skin. So SHR does not have any side-effect to body.
  • 3. with DEC technology. Identified function makes operation simple, and makes treatment safely!
  • 4. with bigger frequency (from 1 to 10Hz), Which accelerate operation speed and short a lot of time for treatment!
  • 5. with Stationary technology & In-motion technology. Moving IPL can use less time to do treatment on back, leg and arm.